An Informative Session On Mastering The Art Of Googling

We believe in continuous learning and skill enhancement. UFS Technologies organized a session aimed at helping our employees with advanced search techniques. The session was centered around the topic ‘The Art of Googling’. The SEO Team conducted the event to enhance our employees’ skills in using various Google search operators to obtain more accurate search results.

The session started with a general introduction about Google search operators and how they can refine searches and extract more accurate information. Our SEO analyst took the stage to demonstrate how to use various Google search operators effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction To Google Search Operators
  • How do these filter out irrelevant information and save time
  • Live Demonstration On How To Use Various Operators
  • Discussion On The Results

Team members actively engaged in discussions shared their experiences and raised their doubts related to the art of Googling. 

The session gave in-depth knowledge about the basic operators to more advanced techniques and how they can be effectively applied in everyday searches for optimal results.


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